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Guided trails

E' possibile consultare on-line il geonavigatore della Valle d'Aosta.

Equipped panoramic observation points

As part of the Giroparchi project, observation points have been organised with panels for explaining the landscape (peaks, hills, environment types, etc.) together with fixed binoculars available to the public. The observation points are located in Pra Oursie and Lac Blanc at Champdepraz and at Lac Muffé, Cimetta Rossa, Dondena and Miserin at Champorcher.

The Garden of the SKY and TIME – Lac Muffé, Champorcher

To get your bearings and to measure time by the slow movement of the sun and shadows, 12 installations have been put in place. Provided are objects for orientation, sundials and a device to know the position of the Sun among the stars according to the date. It is preferable to observe the objects following the numbering.
Some patience, goodwill and drawing on school memories of terrestrial and astronomical geography are required.

Veulla–Lac de Servaz guided trail (trail sign 5c)

The itinerary that goes from Chevrère to Lac de Servaz has illustrated plates and an elevation gain/drop of about 500m. The route winds along an easy rural track up to the pastures at Servaz désot (1540m); from here starts the trail to the lake (1806m).

Veulla–Mont Barbeston guided trail (trail sign 7b)

The itinerary that goes from Chevrère to the summit of Mont Barbeston has illustrated plates and an elevation gain/drop of about 1200m. The Pra Oursie agritourism facility can be found along the trail at an altitude of 1800m.

Champdepraz – Lac de Panaz guided trail (trail sign 3-3c)

The route that leads from Champdepraz to Lac de Panaz is equipped has illustrated plates and an elevation gain/drop of around 1300m.

Veulla–Pont de Leser night trail (Champdepraz, trail sign 5)

Night trail along the rural road from Veulla to Pont de Leser.

Chardonney – Château discovery trail (Champorcher)

Sixteen thematic islands, specifically created for school-age children accompanied by family members, teachers or educators.

Trails with electronic guide

Four itineraries are described on multimedia guides created within the “Vinces” programme (Valle d’Aosta Internet Network for Community, Enterprise, Schools). At 80 points of interest distributed along the trails, presentations are activated with text, images and videos on hand-held computers that can be rented in the visitor centres of the protected area. Visitors can also download the contents of the multimedia guides on their own handheld devices via the Internet or at the Park information points.

Guided tours

To be accompanied on guided tours, contact the companies and associations of nature hike guides and alpine guides.

Guide escursionistiche naturalistiche della Valle d'Aosta

Guide alpine della Valle d'Aosta

Lichenological trail (Champdepraz, trail sign 6-5c)

This itinerary winds along the Magazzino – Lac Gelé – Gran Lac – Lac Blanc route.