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The Visitor Centre of Covarey (Champdepraz)

The Visitor Centre of Covarey (Champdepraz)

The Visitor Centre of Champdepraz is located at Chevrère in the village of Covarey.

The Centre includes:

  • an information point, with displays of videos and photographs of the Park and where detailed information and materials can be obtained from the qualified operators about Mont Avic and the entire network of Alpine protected areas;
  • a nature museum that describes the rock environments, wetlands and forests of Val Chalamy, with interactive systems to involve visitors; you will be given the opportunity to discover the “secret park”, all those natural elements that often pass unnoticed because they are difficult to perceive or because they need to be approached very discreetly;
  • a multipurpose room where the ViViAlp virtual flight device is available for use and teaching activities, projections, conferences and temporary exhibitions take place;
  • a 1:5000 scale model that faithfully reproduces the Park and its surroundings; special signs mark the boundaries of the protected area, the various trails and the main topographical references (peaks, hills, lakes, Alpine pasture farms, inhabited areas). The woods are depicted in autumn colours, so that Montain and Scots Pine forests, Larch and Beech woods can be easily identified

Brochures and leaflets are available from an external distributor even when the information point is closed.

On the front of the Visitor Centre there is a wooden sculpture by G. Anzola, dedicated to traditional human activities in the valley of Mont Avic: agriculture, charcoal production, mining, religious processions.


Ph. +39 (0)125 960668

Email centrovisitatori@montavic.it

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