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Veulla–Mont Barbeston guided trail (trail sign 7b)

Veulla–Mont Barbeston guided trail (trail sign 7b)

The itinerary that goes from Chevrère to the summit of Mont Barbeston has illustrated plates and an elevation gain/drop of about 1200m. The Pra Oursie agritourism facility can be found along the trail at an altitude of 1800m.

Environmental types encountered: meadows-pastures of the valley floor – Scots Pine forest – mountain pasture – Mountain Pine forest - subalpine lake - ophiolite sites.

Brochures describing the main naturalistic, landscape and ethnographic aspects are available at the Park offices; the points of interest are highlighted in each section of the trail, so that even visitors who do not intend to complete the entire proposed itinerary can enjoy the best features. Further leaflets offer supplementary notes relating to natural sciences (geological, geo-morphological and botanical insights, lists of the fauna with details on the locations of the various animal species).

At Veulla (1300m), take the rural road of Servaz and continue for about half a kilometre, then follow the path on the right marked by trail sign 7-7b to the Pra Oursie alpine pasture farm (1794m). Just before the rural buildings and the “Casa dell’inglese [Englishman’s House]”, continue on the right along trail 7b which reaches in sequence the Pian Tsasté alpine pasture farm, Col de Valmerianaz and the summit of Mont Barbeston (2483m), one of the most spectacularly panoramic observation points in this sector of the Graian Alps. For the return trip, once arrived at Pra Oursie you can choose the alternative route marked by trail sign 7a which goes down to Magazzino; here to the left take the rural road of Servaz to reach Veulla.