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"Giroparchi" red itinerary

"Giroparchi" red itinerary

This is the main route of the “Giroparchi” trail network and joins the Mont Avic Nature Park with the Gran Paradiso National Park.

It is the main axis of the “Giroparchi” trekking routes and enables to visit all the valleys involved in the project. For Mont Avic Natural Park there are two starting points, both of whose itineraries lead to the Gran Paradiso National Park via Lac Miserin and via Col Fenêtre:
-    Departure from Chevrère di Champdepraz (Covarey Visitor Centre). The first part of the itinerary crosses the Scots Pine forest up to Magazzino and reaches the alpine pasture farm at Servaz surrounded by the Mountain Pine seed forest. A short detour leads to the eponymous mining site with the remains of a blast furnace. The trail then continues through a Mountain Pine up to Lac de Servaz and then, among rock cliffs colonised by Mountain Pine and Larch, up to Coucy and Barbustel Refuge. In the area immediately surrounding the Refuge there is an equipped observation point from which can be seen the Vallette, Blanc, Noir and Cornu lakes, beyond which are the treeless environments of the high mountains. The trail then goes up to Gran Lac and Col de Medzove, crosses the high valley of Savoney (Fénis) and, after crossing Col d’Etselé, re-enters the Park at Col Fussy. From here, going along the left side of the high valley of Dondena to the lakes Pontonnet, Blanc and Noir, leads lastly to the Miserin Refuge and Lake Miserin. Just beyond the Sanctuary there is a second equipped observation point overlooking the large body of water.
-    Departure from Champorcher (Villa Biamonti Visitor Centre). A pedestrian link leads to Chardonney following the regional road. As an alternative, at Vignat you cross Torrene Ayasse to go along the short guided itinerary “Parcours découverte [discovery trail]” (sixteen theme islands), returning once again to the road at the cable car departure station. From Chardonney the trail climbs to Perruchon, Mont-Blanc, Remoran and Cort, crossing the ancient farming terraces, and then continues through pastures and conifer woods to Lac Muffé. Next to the lake there is a refreshment area and an equipped observation point. The next section of the itinerary takes in the lakes Vernoille, Raté and Giasset and then descends into the Dondena basin through to the Dondena Refuge (equipped observation point). From here, along some sections of the royal hunting road, Lac Miserin is reached by crossing alpine grasslands and extensive outcrops of calc-schist characterised by rich flora.

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